Experience The future of Khmer cuisine

A fine dining concept featuring modern interpretations of the Khmer recipes from Chef Chanrith's youth.

At Kroya, the word for "food" in the ancient Khmer language, the focus isn't just on filling your plate, but on embarking on a cultural adventure. Chef Chanrith, a culinary visionary, doesn't simply recreate the past; he uses his deep understanding of Cambodian heritage to craft a unique dining experience that bridges tradition with modern innovation.

Whether you choose the intimacy of the indoors, the open-air ambiance, or the playful novelty of the swinging tables, Kroya promises a journey into the heart of Cambodian cuisine. Here, you won't find dishes simply reheated from the past, but rather, a thoughtful exploration of flavors and techniques, where time-tested ingredients are reimagined with a contemporary twist.

This isn't just a meal; it's an opportunity to connect with the rich tapestry of Cambodian culture, one delicious bite at a time. So, come explore the future of Khmer cuisine at Kroya, where every dish is an invitation to engage with the land, its history, and the creativity of Chef Chanrith.

Meet the Chef Chef Chanrith

Chef Chanrith has used his lifelong wealth of experience to create a new fine dining concept featuring modern interpretations of the Khmer recipes from his youth.

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Chef Chanrith with produce from the local market

A new take on Khmer Cuisine

Each meal is an invitation to explore the future of Khmer cuisine through innovative dishes, signature cocktails, and a choice of degustation menus, including vegetarian options.

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Hands-on Cooking Classes

Delve into the world of Chef Chanrith's culinary artistry through our hands-on cooking classes. Here, you'll not only learn to recreate his stunning, meticulously crafted dishes, but also gain insights into the innovative techniques and inspirations that fuel his unique creations.

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Glossary Local Flavors Unveiled

Dive into the heart of Khmer cuisine with our glossary, spotlighting the distinctive ingredients and dishes that enrich Cambodia's food culture. Uncover the secrets behind the flavors that captivate both locals and visitors alike.

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  • No stay at Shinta Mani Angkor would be complete without enjoying the exquisite multi-course plant based dining experience at their signature restaurant, Kroya by Chef Chanrith. Delicious and creative Khmer fusion cuisine served in a refined setting and certainly not to be missed.
    Paul Eyers
  • The best Gastronomy experience in Cambodia. Absolutely amazing Tasting menu, no doubt the best restaurant in Siem, the chef is exceptional, using the most excellent root ingredients of Cambodia, and also training the local community to Hospitality. The whole experience was incredible, better than most restaurants in England.
    Felipe P
  • The gastronomic journey at Shinta Mani Hotels tantalises guests taste buds with a symphony of Khmer flavours, led by two talented and creative young Chefs who are creating a culinary buzz in Cambodia.
    Lee Sutton
Experience the future of Khmer cuisine

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