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Dive into a world of flavors with Kroya's carefully curated menu, where traditional meets contemporary in every dish.

Whether you join us for lunch or dinner, every meal at Kroya is an open invitation to journey through the evolving landscape of Khmer cuisine.

  • The gastronomic journey at Shinta Mani Hotels tantalises guests taste buds with a symphony of Khmer flavours, led by two talented and creative young Chefs who are creating a culinary buzz in Cambodia.
    Lee Sutton
  • With a focus on farm-to-table, sustainable dishes and zero waste in the kitchen, Kroya by Chef Chanrith is making waves in the Cambodian culinary scene by showcasing traditional food from the local provinces and giving these dishes a high-end twist.
    Helen Dalley
  • No stay at Shinta Mani Angkor would be complete without enjoying the exquisite multi-course plant based dining experience at their signature restaurant, Kroya by Chef Chanrith. Delicious and creative Khmer fusion cuisine served in a refined setting and certainly not to be missed.
    Paul Eyers
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